Clovis Custom Tech

What Does CCT Do?
Clovis Custom Tech provides services to the general public at an actually affordable price.
We offer: 3D plastic printing, Black & White paper printing, CAD modeling, compact computer builds, battery cell repacking,
computer diagnosis/support, IP network designs, MISC cable reclaiming, Ethernet running, server configuration, etc.
If you ever need something 3D printed, some cables sorted, or whathaveyou, CCT is the place to go!

What's it gonna co$t?
3D Printing - $5(mini) to $50(large)
2D Printing - 25ยข/page (Double-Sided) *Black & White
CAD modeling - $20(simple) to $75(complex)
Ethernet Running - $20(simple) to $75(complex)
Please Contact us for estimates, questions, or inquiries.

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